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The Milky Way
Astronomers Find 'Mirror Image' of The Milky Way from Billions of Years Ago
Several scientific theories suggest that the Universe we live in began as a big bang around 13.8 billion years ago. Scientists have also revealed that the Milky Way Galaxy which formed around 13.6 billion...
spacecraft parts
NASA is Using AI to Build Complex Spacecraft Parts for Deep Space Missions, Are We Already Living in the Future?
Building Spacecraft parts and mission hardware is one of the most complex challenges every space agency faces while preparing for a mission. However, NASA engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight...
Dark Energy
Black holes may be the source of mysterious dark energy, Astronomers Discover in a New Study
Scientists have earlier discovered that the universe is made up of 5 percent of ordinary matter, 26.8 percent of dark matter, and about 68.2 percent of form or energy generally known as dark energy. Researchers...
Pandora's cluster
James Webb Space Telescope captures a jaw-dropping image of Pandora’s Cluster
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured several images that have helped in improving our knowledge about the Cosmos since its launch in 2021. In its most recent observations of the Universe,...
Mars challenge
NASA and HeroX Needs You to Participate in New Mars Challenge and Build Simulated Habitat for Future Astronauts' Missions to Mars
As NASA is preparing for its first crewed mission to the red planet, the space agency is making an extra effort to ensure that it succeeds in its manned missions to Mars. On February 16, NASA announced...
Dark Galaxy
Astronomers Just Discovered an Isolated Dark Galaxy That is Almost Made of Dark Matter in A Nearby Universe
As a civilization, we are curiously looking out for discoveries in the Cosmos. To feed our curiosity and unlock new mysteries of the Universe, Astronomers just discovered a new dark galaxy with very small...
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