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Is interstellar travel Possible?
Is Interstellar Travel Possible?
We have succeeded in sending several rovers and spacecraft to planets within the solar system. But when do we take the bold step outside the solar system to explore interstellar space?You are about...
Venus missions
List of Space Missions to Venus
For centuries, we have relied on studying Venus using telescopes. However, scientists decided to take the exploration closer to the planet. As space agencies commenced their space exploration in the mid-20th...
How Elon Musk plans to buy twitter for the future of civilization
How Elon Musk plans to Buy Twitter for the Future of Civilization
Have you ever imagined tweeting from Mars? Well, Elon Musk is about to make your dream become a reality. During the TED2022 Conference, Elon Musk was interviewed by TED chief Chris Anderson. When...
what is a black hole?
What is a Black Hole?
You may have heard numerous facts about black holes eating stars, black holes’ gravity, and more. Despite hearing all these unique facts about the black hole, you may still be confused about the...
What lies inside a blackhole
What lies inside a black hole?
Blackholes are generally referred to as the monsters of the cosmos that eats up everything that comes their way. From tiny asteroids to gigantic stars, black holes are always open to eating up objects...
What lies inside a blackhole
What are the types of Black holes?
There are billions of black holes spread across our observable Universe. These black holes exist in different sizes and shapes. If you previously think that there is only one type of black hole, you will...
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