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Is the universe expanding faster than the speed of light?
is the universe expanding faster than the speed of light? Here's What Astronomers discovered about this
For years, scientists believed that nothing can go faster than light speed. However, astronomers have continued to look deeper into the cosmos to understand how the universe works. Well, you may be wondering...
Artemis 1
Why NASA called off Artemis 1 Launch for the Second time
NASA called off the Artemis 1 launch for the second time this week because of technical issues that may likely disrupt the mission. After the first launch was canceled on August 29, NASA officials corrected...
Artemis 1 launch
NASA Plans the Next Artemis 1 launch on September 3: here's how to watch it live
Since NASA officially called off its Artemis 1 launch on August 29th, the world has been looking forward to when next the space agency will commence with its space mission to visit the moon. NASA initially...
3d printing
NASA Generates enough oxygen on mars that can sustain astronauts for 100 minutes
For humans to colonize Mars in the future, space agencies must figure out how to create enough oxygen on the planet. The good news is that NASA is already working towards doing so with its Mars Oxygen...
Voyager 1 Data
NASA Finally Solves Voyager 1 Data Glitch Mystery sent from 14.6 Billion Miles in Interstellar Space
For months, the Voyager 1 has continued to send junk data regarding its current health status to flight controllers on Earth. NASA was struggling to understand the mystery data sent by the 45-year-old...
Artemis 1 launch
NASA Calls Off Artemis 1 Launch and Postpone it to Next Month
In the early hours of August 29th, the world was waiting for the Artemis 1 megarocket to lift off from its launch pad and commence its journey to the moon. However, NASA engineers experienced some technical...
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