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early universe
How Imperfection Allowed the Early Universe to Form Structures, Stephen Hawking Explains
Scientists have been fascinated with the existence of several structures including our home planet earth in this universe. Many theories have been created to analyze how the early universe was formed....
pictures of earth from space
Why This NASA Scientist Takes Four Million Pictures of Earth from Space Every Day
While we have so many fascinating pictures of deep space as revealed by our sophisticated telescopes, a NASA Scientist named Will realized that we do not have enough pictures of Earth from space. Launching...
Falcon Heavy
SpaceX is about to Launch the World’s Most sophisticated Operational Rocket Next Week After A three Year Wait
SpaceX is getting ready to launch the world’s most sophisticated operational rocket, Falcon Heavy by the next week. This powerful rocket is powered by 27 engines and has attained several milestones since...
stephen hawking
Black Holes May be Portal to Another Universe, Stephen Hawking Explains
Scientists have referred to black holes as cosmic objects that consume whatever comes into them but do not allow anything to escape from the inside. Stephen Hawking assumes that a black hole could be a...
Solar eclipse
Last Solar Eclipse of 2022 will occur on October 25. Here’s how to watch it live
Astronomers have revealed that Earth will be experiencing a partial solar eclipse on Tuesday, October 25. This astronomical event will be visible from different regions of Europe, Western Asia, and Northeast...
Inflatable heat shield
How this NASA’s Inflatable Heat Shield Will Enable Future Large-Scale Missions to Mars, Venus and Titan Starting with LOFTID Mission
Unlike sending robotic missions to another planet like Mars, NASA is working towards sending astronauts and their cargo to the red planet. The American space agency has never attempted to reach this milestone...
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