Hundreds of Millions of Planets in the Milky Way Could Potentially Harbor Life, Astronomers Discover in a New Study
Astronomers at the University of Florida recently discovered that hundreds of millions of planets in the Milky Way orbiting around dwarf stars could provide a habitable environment...
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NASA Plans to Build Next Generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle That will Be Driving On The Moon For Crewed and Uncrewed Lunar Explorations
As NASA is preparing to send humans to the lunar surface, the agency is also working on technologies that will enable astronauts to get the best out of the mission. The American Space...
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UAE To Land A Spacecraft on an Asteroid in the Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter in 2034
For years, astronomers have discovered several space rocks within the asteroid belt region. In a recent announcement, United Arab Emirates (UAE) revealed its plan to send a spacecraft...
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How Do Spaceships Move In Space?
When the Wright Brothers first made a flying airplane, they never assume that earthlings will someday think of going beyond our air zone to fly in outer space. While planes were made...
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Earth To Receive A Simulated Alien Transmission On May 24, SETI Reveals
Our civilization has installed several radio telescopes at different locations on Earth waiting patiently to detect an alien transmission from Space. Despite several years of waiting,...
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When Are We Going To Mars? Not In This Decade
When are we going to Mars? In the last decade, every space lover was looking forward to seeing humans going to Mars aboard SpaceX Starship in 2024. However, we are a few months away...
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Blue Origin Wins $3.4 Billion NASA Contract To Build Lunar Lander That Will Land Humans On The Moon
Blue Origin is one of the most popular commercial space agencies working on powerful space vehicles that will take humans to space, the moon, and beyond. The company recently won a...
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James Webb Space Telescope Spots Water Around A Mysterious Flying Comet
Whenever you hear of comets, you often assume that them to be composed of dust, rock, and ice flying through space without a specific destination. However, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope...
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Saturn Reclaims Its Moon Crown Title As Astronomers Recently Discovered 62 New Moons Of Saturn
Earlier this year, Jupiter was declared the moon king planet after astronomers 12 additional moons orbiting the largest gas giant in the solar system. That discovery increased Jupiter’s...
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