China's Astronauts Have Been Growing a Space Garden in Orbit Using This Futurist Technology
On the quest to provide fresh food for the crew in orbit, China’s Shenzhou 16 astronauts have been growing a space garden in low Earth orbit. The mission commander Jing Haipeng and...
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Humans Are Made Up of Star Dust and the Universe is Alive Inside Us, Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Based on 1957 Paper Published by Margaret Burbidge
Scientists have been conducting several studies since the last century to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Margaret Burbidge is one of the most recognized astrophysicists who published...
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How To Debate A Flat Earther
If check around the internet and your neighborhood, you will see many people that believe in flat Earth theory. Hence, spotting a flat Earther is not that difficult. These people inherited...
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How Asteroid Bennu Caught NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission By Surprise And Nearly Destroyed It 
NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex mission has been on a mission to collect asteroid samples and return them safely to Earth. However, as the space probe reached the asteroid Bennu region, it discovered...
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Voyager 1 Captured The First Photo of Earth Moon System 46 Years Ago
On September 18, 1977, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft captured the first image of Earth and the moon from a distance more than 7 million miles away from Earth. The entire world celebrated...
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NASA Planning To Explore The Moon And Mars With Humanoid Robots
To take space exploration to another phase, NASA has partnered with a small robotic company in Texas to advance its decades of work in developing humanoid robots. The agency hopes that...
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How Do Astronauts Sleep in Space?
The human body cannot do without sleep. Hence, astronauts in space still have to sleep in the weightless environment of space to regain their strength after engaging in complex daily...
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Earth's Magnetotail Could Be Forming Water on The Moon, Scientists Discover in a new study
A team of astronomers led by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa planetary scientist Shuai Li has made a discovery that helps in explaining the origin of water ice found in shadowed...
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James Webb Just Discovered Intriguing Evidence of a Sign of Life on Distant Planet K2-18b
NASA James Webb Space Telescope looked deep into interstellar space and spotted a planet with possible evidence of life. Scientists observed the data obtained from this observation...
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