NASA and HeroX Needs You to Participate in New Mars Challenge and Build Simulated Habitat for Future Astronauts' Missions to Mars
As NASA is preparing for its first crewed mission to the red planet, the space agency is making an extra effort to ensure that it succeeds in its manned missions to Mars. On February...
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Astronomers Just Discovered an Isolated Dark Galaxy That is Almost Made of Dark Matter in A Nearby Universe
As a civilization, we are curiously looking out for discoveries in the Cosmos. To feed our curiosity and unlock new mysteries of the Universe, Astronomers just discovered a new dark...
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On Feb. 15, 2013, exactly 10 years ago, Chelyabinsk Meteor explodes over Chelyabinsk, Russia, Here's How Countries are working to prevent future impact on Earth
Feb. 15, 2013, is the day most people living in the Southern Ural region in Russia will never forget so quickly. People were going on with their regular daily activities when a Chelyabinsh...
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A Massive Asteroid Will Make Its Closest Approach to Earth on Feb. 15 in Four Centuries
A big near-earth asteroid 2005 YY128 will come within 2.8 million miles (4.5 million km) of our home planet while conducting its closest approach to Earth in more than 400 years. revealed...
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Astronomers Discovered an Earth-Sized Exoplanet Just 72 Light Years Away
Astronomers estimate that there are billions of exoplanets in the milky way Galaxy, of which we have only discovered a few numbers of them. An international team of researchers recently...
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Blue Origin Targets Reaching Mars In 2024 With NASA Twin Spacecraft
Blue Origin is one of the commercial space agencies that are working towards revolutionizing space exploration in the future. Based on the progress the space agency has achieved so...
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The Inspiring Story of NASA Astronaut Jonny Kim, Who Served as A Navy Seal Sniper, And Harvard Doctor, Before Becoming A NASA Astronaut
If you use social media frequently, you must have come across the image of one man serving as a NAVY Seal Sniper, Harvard Doctor, and NASA Astronaut. But is this image real or it is...
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Astronomers Just Discovered a Mysterious ring around a dwarf planet beyond Neptune which Breaks the rules of physics
In a newly conducted study, astronomers discovered that a mini planet orbiting the sun beyond Neptune has a Saturn-link ring of dust and debris around it. The new study revealed that...
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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Accidentally Discovers Extremely Small Asteroid in the Main Asteroid Belt Region, And This may the smallest object ever Spotted by Webb
Scientists and Engineers that designed NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope never intended to search for small objects in our solar system. However, Scientists recently deployed the Mid-Infrared...
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