The Largest Known Asteroid Impact Structure on Earth Is Buried In Southeast Australia, Scientists Discover In A New Study
Scientists recently conducted a new study that revealed how the largest known asteroid impact structure on Earth is buried in Southeast Australia. Dr. Andrew Glickson a geologist and...
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James Webb Captures a Stunning Question Mark In Space
James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) recently looked deep into the Universe and captures a stunning question mark in space. The European Space Agency (ESA) released a fascinating image...
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NASA's Curiosity Rover Discover Ancient Mud Cracks on Mars, Suggesting That the Red Planet May Have Been More Habitable Than Thought
NASA’s Curiosity rover recently discovered Hexagon-tiled rock on the Martian surface. Scientists revealed that the newly spotted ancient mud cracks are suggesting that Mars passed through...
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Perseid Meteor Shower 2023 Will Occur Tonight, Here's How to Watch It Live For Free
In a few hours from now, the Perseid meteor shower will commence over Earth’s night sky. Skywatchers can observe the celestial event using their telescopes or join a free online live...
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NASA May Delay Artemis III lunar landing Mission
After NASA successfully accomplish its Artemis I mission, the agency is working towards its future Artemis missions. While the preparation for the Artemis II mission is looking promising,...
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Virgin Galactic finally launches Its first space tourist flight After Decades of Waiting
Virgin Galactic took the bold step of launching its first space tourist flight after years of promises. This launch was the second commercial spaceflight organized by the company and...
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Russian Cosmonaut Becomes First Human to Ride European Robotic Arm on ISS Spacewalk
A Russian cosmonaut just accomplished the first test flight at the end of a European robotic arm as part successful spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday (August...
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The Highly Energetic Winds of Super Magnetic Stars Could Destroy the Possibility of Life On Exoplanets
Scientists have discovered that super magnetic stars with highly energetic magnetic fields could possess stellar winds that are harsh enough to drive away the atmospheres of orbiting...
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International Space Station Polluted With Harmful Chemicals, Scientists Discovered in a new study
A new study just revealed that the International Space Station (ISS) is polluted with massive amounts of harmful chemicals. Scientists finalized this study by analyzing the dust samples...
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