Hubble Space Telescope Discovers This Moon Orbiting the Second Brightest Dwarf Planet of the Kuiper Belt
The Kuiper belt is one of the most unique regions in the solar system housing hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 100 km and trillions of comets. Astronomers estimate that...
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Is there Life on Mars? A NASA Scientist Answers this Question in a New Video
Since we commenced with a robotic exploration of Mars in the mid-20th century, Scientists have always wondered if there is life on Mars. To answer this question, space agencies have...
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Why Astronauts are Not Allowed to Drink Alcohol in Space
Have you ever seen your favorite Astronauts drinking alcohol in space? The answer is probably no as alcohol is highly prohibited in space. You may have seen astronauts drink water and...
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What NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Has Accomplished a Year After Launch
On December 25, 2021, the world received the best Christmas gift as NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope commenced on the journey to unlock several mysteries of the Universe. Today...
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NASA's Mars Perseverance rover just dropped its 1st sample on the Martian surface
NASA’s Perseverance rover just dropped its first rock sample on the Martian terrain at a region where future mars missions will pick up the precious rock samples and return them back...
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NASA’s Insight Lander Fails to Respond to Call from Earth As its Power runs Low
On Sunday, (December 18), NASA lost contact with its Mars Insight Lander after the space probe ignored in responding to communications from Earth. After the InSight lander touched down...
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12 Best Space gifts for Astronomy lovers in 2022 (Including Special gifts for both Kids and Adults)
Presenting special space gifts to any lover of astronomy is a great way to put a smile on the person’s face. As you make plans to purchase these gifts, you should consider going for...
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NASA's Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes Just Discovered Two Exoplanets That May be Mostly Water
Finding an Earth-like planet with the potential of sustaining any form of life has remained the primary goal of most space agencies. To take this goal even further, NASA has successfully...
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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft is about to Inspect the Most Active Volcanic World in the Solar System
After exploring the Galilean moons of Jupiter, Ganymede, and Europa, NASA’s Juno Spacecraft is set to visit Jupiter’s Galilean moon Io, which is the most active volcanic world in the...
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