What does the future hold for India's Chandrayaan-3 lunar rover mission?
On Friday Morning (July 14), Indian Space Research Organization launched its third lunar exploration mission named India’s Chandrayaan-3 to explore the south pole of the moon....
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Scientists Explain How Astronauts Will Land On An Asteroid in the Future
Can humans land on an asteroid? After NASA proved that asteroids can be redirected using a kinetic impact with its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) in September 2022,...
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Scientists Debunk Internet Apocalypse Concerns Amidst Rising Solar Storm Activity
What’s making waves on the internet now is that there is an internet apocalypse as a result of a magnetic eruption in the solar system causing a major solar storm. This became a burden...
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Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Makes Unprecedented Scientific Breakthrough As He Recovers 'Alien Artifact' from the Depths Of Pacific Ocean
Finding an alien artifact was previously possible only in science fiction until recently. Harvard Professor, Avi Loeb, who previously classified the famous Oumuamua interstellar object...
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Is There Life On Venus? Fascinating Molecule Phosphine Discovered In Venusian Clouds Again
The search for life across the universe has inspired scientists to advance their search for extraterrestrials starting from our neighboring planets. Even though Venus has a hostile...
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Time Dilation Explained: Time Seems to Be Moving 5 Times More Slowly in First Billion Years After Big Bang, Quasar 'Clocks' Reveal
Scientists are fascinated with the conditions of the early universe and they conduct studies to understand the concept of time. Getting time dilation explained is one of the most challenging...
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How This Japanese Company Is Planning To Build A Space Elevator By 2050
If we must reach our space exploration goals, we must figure out how to become more innovative in building space technologies. Building a space elevator has remained a science fiction...
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China’s Satellite Transmits Data 10 Times Faster Thanks To Laser Communication Technology
Transmitting data from space has been one of the most challenging issues space agencies encounter in space. For decades scientists have been researching how to improve our data transmission...
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Scientists Just Discovered that There's A 7% Percent Chance An Ice Giant Planet Is Hiding In Our Solar System
Scientists seem to be making more fascinating discoveries about our solar system lately. In a just-concluded study, researchers estimated that there could be a seven percent chance...
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