Finally, NASA Successfully Launch the Artemis 1 Mission
After NASA officially called off the launch of Artemis 1 launch twice, the American Space Agency is set to launch Artemis 1 mission tonight. Earlier this month, NASA announced that...
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3.5 billion-year-old rock structures are one of the oldest signs of life on Earth, Scientists discover in a New Study
Layered rocks located in Western Australia have been discovered to be one of the earliest known signs of life on Earth. These rocks contained fossils known as stromatolites which were...
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17-year-old discover planet 6.9 times larger than Earth on the third day of internship with NASA
Internship opportunities are created by agencies to enable young enthusiasts to gain practical knowledge about their field of interest. Wolf Cukier was in his junior year at Scarsdale...
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We will Build an Elysium-Like Space Station in the next 150 years, NASA scientist Explains
The movie Elysium which was released in August 2013 shows scenes where humanity has advanced and build a sophisticated and massive rotation space station placed above a dystopic Earth...
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Why Time Travel May be Possible, Michio Kaku Explains
Time travel is the scientific means of traveling into the past or into the future. For years, we have been practicing the concept of time travel in science fiction movies. However,...
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The Last Blood Lunar Eclipse Until 2025 Will Occur on November 8, here’s how to watch it live for free
Astronomers earlier announced that a total lunar eclipse known as the Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on November 8 starting. This fascinating astronomical event will begin...
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Astronomers Discover Two Supermassive Black Holes Spiraling Towards a Collision
Black holes are cosmic monsters that made the universe appear more mysterious than ever. A recent study enables astronomers to discover that a giant black hole around 9 billion light...
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NASA Officials Confidently Announce a new Launch Date and time for its Artemis 1 moon rocket
After weeks of postponing the launch of the Artemis 1 moon rocket, NASA officials are looking at launching the megarocket to visit the moon by the mid of this month. During a media...
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Black Holes Can be Dead or Alive at the same time, New Study reveals explaining the Quantum Properties of Cosmic Messy Eaters
Blackholes are one of the most mysterious cosmic objects that have marveled our scientists since we learned about their existence. We have continued learning about them over time to...
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