SpaceX Reveals the Success of Second Starship Test Flight Including 33-engine Burn Among Others
On Nov. 18, SpaceX launched its Starship Megarocket on a test flight from Starbase. SpaceX just released an update revealing why the starship exploded during the test flight. However,...
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Japan iSpace Reveals Micro Rover For Its Second Moon Mission
Japan iSpace is one of the top private space agencies advancing space exploration goals since it was founded in 2010. The private spaceflight agency recently unveiled its micro rover...
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How Astronomer Accidentally Discovers the Speed of Light 347 Years Ago
Ancient astronomers struggled to understand the concept of the speed of light. Before its discovery, some researchers thought that the speed of light was either extremely fast to measure...
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NASA’s James Webb Captures About 500,000 Stars in the Heart of the Milky Way
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently captured a fascinating detail of the dense center of our home galaxy. The new image of the heart of the Milky Way showed never-before-seen...
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Radio Telescope Spots Supermassive Black Hole Consuming Dense Gas
Scientists recently studied the Circinus Galaxy which is one of the nearest galaxies to the Milky Way. Despite being so close to our home galactic world, astronomers kind of focused...
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5G From Space: Lockheed Martin To Deploy Its First All-space 5G.MIL Assets In 2024
Lockheed Martin recently announced its plan to test its super innovative regenerative 5G satellites in orbit next year. The firm named this sophisticated technology 5G.MIL. Lockheed...
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SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes in Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly During Second-Ever Launch
Earlier today (Nov. 18), SpaceX launched the most powerful spaceship ever built by humans to space on a second test flight. While the liftoff was successful, the Starship rocket did...
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Webb spots Presence of Sand Clouds In Nearby Exoplanet WASP-107b
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently gazed deep into the clouds of an intriguing nearby exoplanet named WASP-107b. During the detailed observation, JWST used its powerful...
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Watch SpaceX Conduct Second Starship Launch On Nov. 17
SpaceX recently announced its plan to conduct a second Starship launch on Friday (Nov. 17). After the first launch attempt failed four minutes after lift-off earlier this year, the...
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