NASA Completes the Artemis 1 Mission with Orion Capsule Splashdown Recording a Groundbreaking Success
On December 11 at 12:40 pm EST, NASA’s Orion Spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, west of Baja California, after completing Artemis 1 mission which lasted for 25 days,...
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Japanese billionaire reveals the 8 artists that will fly to the moon with him on SpaceX's Starship dearMoon Mission in 2023
After years of waiting, SpaceX is approaching its dearMoon space flight aboard its Starship in 2023. The dearMoon Project was first unveiled in September 2018 as a space mission that...
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We Could travel out of the Solar System in our lifetime using this Nuclear Fusion Powered Rocket
Our desire to advance space exploration and travel outside the solar system might be closer than you could ever imagine. A press statement released by Interesting Engineering reveals...
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Is the Earth Round or Flat? The Earth is Round, Case Closed, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains
Since the existence of humans on Earth, people have been wondering about the actual shape of Earth that protects and provides us with every basic need to sustain life. Ancient astronomers...
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NASA's Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft leaves the moon's orbit and head toward Earth
After NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion Spacecraft successfully accomplished its mission around the moon’s orbit, it ignited a lunar departure burn on December 1 to commence its journey back to...
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A little more progress to Mars Says Elon Musk as SpaceX fires up its Mars Rocket for Orbital test flight coming soon
SpaceX is one of the few space agencies hoping to reach Mars someday with its sophisticated space vehicles. The American aerospace company has continued to prepare its Mars Starships...
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NASA's Orion Spacecraft beats Apollo 13 distance record to become the farthest-traveled Spacecraft Built for Humans
On November 26, at 10:17 a.m. Eastern Time, NASA’s Orion Spacecraft covered a distance of 249,666 miles (401,798 kilometers) from Earth. At this great distance, the spacecraft...
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NASA Orion Spacecraft Finally Enters moon orbit After Traveling for 10 Days
On November 16, NASA launched the Orion Spacecraft to visit the moon and travel beyond our nearest neighbor. The American Space Agency and the entire world have been looking forward...
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NASA's Artemis 1 spacecraft Heads for its Closest flyby on the moon with Apollo 11 lunar soil aboard
Before Artemis 1 spacecraft was launched to visit the moon, NASA officials added four small pieces of on the Orion Spacecraft. These small moon rocks were returned to Earth as part...
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