How Astronauts will Extract Water Abundantly on Mars
Humans cannot stay without water. In fact, we can only stay survive for three days without water. But we can last as long as 8 to 21 days without food. So, water is an essential part...
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These Five Planets will Align Over Earth’s Morning Sky on 24 June, Here’s how to watch the Large Planet Parade
Have you ever desired to see planets align over the sky? Tomorrow will likely be the day your dreams come true. Five planets will be moving into a rare alignment on Friday, June 24,...
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It's Official: Two Earthlike Planets Are Discovered in Newly Spotted Nearby Solar System
We have discovered several earthlike planets in the past. However, our technological advancement has enabled us to recently discover a new star system with two earthlike planets that...
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Elon Musk Says That SpaceX Starships Will Commence Monthly Flights into Space After August: Are we Close to Reaching Mars?
After SpaceX successfully stacked Starship SN20 atop Booster BN4, the whole world has been looking forward to when this gigantic spaceship will commence its journey to the stars. Despite...
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How the world is working to bring Wernher Von Braun's Futuristic Ideas to Reality Even 44 Years after his Death
On June 16, 1977, Wernher Von Braun died in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. This day marked the 44th death anniversary of the legendary rocket scientist. But before his death,...
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How NASA is Building a Futuristic Spacecraft to Visit Jupiter's Icy Moon, Europa
Europa became one of the most fascinating celestial bodies in the solar system. After Galileo Galilei discovered Europa on January 8, 1610, Astronomers developed a special interest...
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2022 Strawberry Supermoon will Peak on June 14: Here’s How to Watch it
We are all fascinated by the moon. Since it is the closest celestial body to our beautiful planet, we are always excited to see it over our skies. Every June, the Moon often moves closer...
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NASA Officially Joins the Hunt For UFOs
Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are ariel phenomena that cannot be identified as a natural occurrence or known objects. They have been over our skies since the 20th century. In recent...
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James Webb Space Telescope Suffers First Micrometeoroid Impact: Did It Survive The Impact?
The designing, launching, and deployment of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope was widely celebrated by every lover of the universe across the globe. As we wait patiently for the...
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