James Webb Space Telescope Captures Glowing Images of Jupiter Auroras
Jupiter has remained one of the largest gas giants in the solar system with several mind-blowing features that have captured our interest. We have seen several unique images of Jupiter...
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Where is the Voyager 2 Now? How Voyager 2 is Still Active in Deep Space 45 Years After its Launch
On August 20th, 1977 at 14:29:00 UTC, the Voyager 2 spacecraft was launched atop the Titan IIIE space rocket as a part of the Voyager space program. NASA’s primary goal for this...
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This NASA-Designed Tool Will Allow You to Track Its Artemis 1 Mission in Real Time
NASA has earlier announced its plans to commence with the Artemis 1 mission on August 29th. However, the agency wants every viewer to track and enjoy every part of this mission starting...
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Why Bruce McCandless II Became the First Astronaut to experience Untethered Floating in space
After the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov conducted the first tethered spacewalk in March 1965, space agencies realized that astronauts can leave their space capsules and float freely...
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How James Webb Space Telescope will Study the Terrifying Conditions of Exoplanets Clouds
Exoplanets are planets orbiting other stars other than the sun. Up to date, about 5,000 exoplanets within the milky way galaxy have been discovered so far using our observatories. Studying...
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How The Water You Drink is Older than the Sun Despite The Sun Being Older Than Earth
Approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. But do you know that some of these water molecules have been in existence before the formation of our sun? You may...
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Does Jupiter have rings?here's Why Jupiter doesn't have rings like Saturn
We are fascinated with the beautiful and intriguing looks of Saturn’s rings. However, since Jupiter is the biggest gas giant in the solar system, we expect to see more fascinating rings...
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International Youth Day 2022: How Youths Will Revolutionize Space Exploration in the future
The youths are the backbone of the growth and development of any society. Most technologies that we enjoy were invented by youth. As we begin to take a bold step into the Cosmos, we...
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What is the van Allen belt and how powerful is it?
Van Allen belts are known to be a region where higher radiations exist. This region exists at a distance of about 1,000 km to 6,000 km (600 to 3,700 miles) above the earth’s surface....
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