Water Leaking into Earth's Core May Have Created a Mysterious Layer That Moves out Crystals
Scientists recently discovered the cause of a strange crystal-forming layer that encompasses the Earth’s core. In a recent finding, researchers suggest that water leaking into the Earth’s...
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Perseverance Rover Captures Avocado-Shaped Rock on Mars (photo)
Mars is a rocky planet occupied with strange-looking rocks. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover recently captured a new image of an avocado-shaped rock on Mars. The most powerful rover on...
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Scientists Discover a Dwarf Planet Near Mars That Might Be Hosting Alien Life
Astronomers are always in search of extraterrestrial lifeforms to determine if we are alone, or sharing this vast universe with other civilizations. In the quest to discover more fascinating...
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Chinese Spacecraft That Smashed into Moon Was Carrying Something Mysterious, Scientists Reveal
A piece of Chinese spacecraft smashed into the moon in March 2022. Scientists recently discovered that the piece of space junk left a strange double pockmark on the lunar surface. Researchers...
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NASA Spots Methane on Distant Exoplanet for The First Time
NASA’s scientists recently studied the data obtained by the James Webb Space Telescope from a distant exoplanet named WASP-80 b. The data revealed fascinating details of the atmospheric...
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China's Youngest Space Station Crew Captures Breathtaking Views from Space (video)
China’s Shenzhou 17 astronauts are currently in space enjoying the weightless environment while conducting numerous scientific experiments. The crew always sends back some fascinating...
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Black Friday Deal: Save $110 on Magnification 45-450x, Wireless Remote Telescope For Astronomy Enthusiasts and Beginners
If you are a lover of astronomy, you may consider purchasing this powerful telescope for astronomy. The Wireless Remote Koolpte Telescope is currently considered one of the best telescopes...
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SpaceX Delivers Thanksgiving Dinner Turkeys to Astronauts in Outer Space
Thanksgiving celebration is one of the most popular events people celebrate across the United States and other parts of the world. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station...
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11-year-old Boy Has IQ Score Higher Than Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking
An 11-year-old British boy, Yusuf Shah recently achieved an IQ score higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Shah participated in the Mensa test and scored 162 which is higher...
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