Scientists Reveal Plan to Build Asteroid City Inside Giant Bag Around Entire Asteroid
Have you ever imagined humans living in an asteroid city in the future? This future may appear far-fetched to many people. However, scientists are already seeing the possibilities of...
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NASA and DARPA will Build This Sophisticated Nuclear Rocket by 2027
As space agencies are looking forward to embracing another level of space exploration anytime soon, NASA is already working towards upgrading from chemical rockets to Nuclear rockets...
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A Newly Discovered Asteroid Will Fly Past Earth this Week. Here’s how to Watch it Live for free
If you have been waiting to watch a newly discovered asteroid fly past Earth, you should get your telescopes ready as a space rock is currently heading towards our home planet. Asteroid...
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Earth’s Inner Core May Have Paused, Reversed, and Started Spinning in Opposite Direction, New Study Suggest
Earth’s inner core is one of the basic solid layers that play a vital role in generating Earth’s magnetic field. A recent study revealed that the rotation of Earth’s solid inner core...
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NASA considers building an oxygen pipeline in the lunar south pole
As NASA is approaching the first crewed mission to the moon under its Artemis space program, the space agency is exploring different ideas to make the lunar surface sustaining and habitable...
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The New Moon Will Make its Closest Approach to Earth Tonight in nearly 1,000 years
The new moon will be making its closest approach to Earth tonight since the year 1030. This implies that the moon has not been this close to our home planet in the past 993 years. How...
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NASA's New Nuclear Propulsion Concept could reach Mars in just 45 days
NASA is one of the top space agencies working towards sending humans to Mars before the end of the next decade. The space agency has successfully sent several rovers to Mars using its...
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Scientists Just Discovered Building Blocks of Life in a Meteorite that crashed onto UK Driveway
Meteorites and asteroids are flying space rocks that kept on crashing into our home planet from space and some of them contain building blocks of life. In 2021, one of these space rocks...
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Venus and Saturn Will Be in Conjunction on January 22, Here’s How to Spot them
The conjunction of Venus and Saturn is one of the most fascinating astronomical events most skywatchers have been hoping to observe for a long time. Astronomers announced that the first...
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